Extruded food packaging nitrogen machine

Extruded food packaging nitrogen machine

Brief technical index

1.) nitrogen flow rate: 1-3000nm3 / h.

2.) nitrogen purity: 97-99.9995%.

3.) nitrogen pressure: 0.05-1.0mpa.

4) dew point: from -60 to -45 degrees Celsius.

A brief principle

Oxygen and nitrogen have different diffusion rates and adsorption capacities on carbon molecular sieve (CMS) to separate oxygen and nitrogen when using the elevated air process. When the air is compressed to 0.8mpa, the air source is purified by the drying and oil-water separation process (filter) and then enters the psa column for separation. Oxygen molecules diffused under pressure and adsorbed in carbon molecular sieves. The unadsorbed nitrogen is discharged from the outlet of the adsorption column. Under reduced pressure, oxygen is desorbed, discharged and purged in the adsorption tower. Moreover, the adsorbent can be recycled. Page card

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