Equipment for nitrogen separation with HMN membrane

Equipment for nitrogen separation with HMN membrane

◆ Working principle

Membrane separation technology is a high and new technology developed in the middle of the 20th century. In the past 20 or 30 years, it has been developed rapidly in the world. Membrane separation technology is bringing great benefits to mankind. The membrane is characterized by selective permeability and diffusion to certain gas components, and thus gas separation of the oyster can be achieved. Hollow fiber membrane is actually a microporous tube with the same inner and outer diameters. The fiber bundles are independent of each other and sealed with epoxy resin at both ends of the film group. Hundreds of thousands of fibers are bundled together to provide the required surface area. Under the action of pressure, the adsorption, diffusion and permeability rates of various gases in the hollow fiber membrane are different. They are arranged in order. The gases with the permeability rate are called "fast gas", such as oxygen and water. Low permeability is "slow gas", such as nitrogen. After the mixed gas passes through the membrane, the "fast gas" is enriched on the outer side of the low pressure, and the "slow gas" is enriched on the inner side of the high pressure, thus achieving the separation of the mixed gas.

◆ main technical parameter table purity 99.5%


◆ System process flow chart


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