vacuum nitride furnace for steel parts nitriding

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vacuum nitride furnace for steel parts nitriding 

Description : 

A vacuum system(consisted with vacuum pump, vacuum measuring device, vacuum valve and etc) is used in the furnace chamber to discharge some part of the material. So that the pressure inside the chamber is less than a standard atmospheric pressure to achieve a vacuum state.


Application : 

Pulse vacuum nitride furnace

It is used for the nitrification of gas, nitrogen and carbon in various workpieces, steam treatment of high speed steel, especially for stainless steel piston ring, with slot, deep hole, and blind hole mould.

The surface of the workpiece can be infiltrated into the enhanced elements, which can also infiltrate the lubricating elements.

For example, the surface hardness of the alloy die steel can reach HV1000 without RE2N brittle phase.

Strong toughness, good permeability layer can obviously reduce the friction coefficient of and other materials to produce good antifriction, anti-seizure ability strong, low-temperature vacuum surface strengthening technology (including equipment process) low temperature, uniform heating and cooling.

The distortion of heat treatment parts is very small.

The process cycle is significantly shorter than that of conventional positive pressure due to several elements infiltrating into several mutually reinforcing processes simultaneously.

The work does not need to keep the distance of the sealed production, so that the productivity, the volume of the furnace increases significantly, the furnace design is reasonable, the heat efficiency is high, the heat treatment technology is advanced, the cycle is short, the energy saving effect is remarkable.

The surface brightness and roughness of the molds and workpieces are basically unchanged, and the temperature control accuracy of the furnace can reach to + 1.

Long-term use of no fault, high reliability, the exhaust gas is treated in the back row, no pollution to the atmosphere, no waste residue, attached to green package environmental heat treatment category.



Effective Working Size(mm) :1800×1600

Maximum Treatment Surface Area(cm2) : 100000

Maximum Average Current(A) : 200

Rated Temperature():650

Ultimate Pressure(Pa) : 6.7


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