Vacuum Nitriding Carbonizing furnace

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Vacuum Nitriding Carbonizing furnace


Description :

1: 30-50 Segments Programable and PID temperature controllor to make the operation more simple.

2:Furnace Chamber is made of Most advanced Alumina caremic fiber to keep the better heat preservation . 3:Double shell with fan cooling to make the shell temperature close to the room temperature.

4: Intergrated doule circruit to make the furnace more safe , stable and realiable.

5:Humanized design and advaned technics to make the furnace more beautiful and durable.

6: Max vacuum can upto 10Pa, also can be Customizabable according to your request.


Application :

High Temperature Vacuum Chamber Heat Treatment Furnace;is widely used for the heating treatment of metal material in low vacuum ,recursive and protective atmosphere, Also can be used for heating treatment of special material ,such as carbonizing of carbon products and Nitriding of metal steel .


Parameter :

Chamber Size(mm) :300*200*200

Max Temperautre():1700

Furnace structure: Double Shell with water  cooling

Max Vacuum :10^-6 Pa



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