Ion Nitriding Furnace for Surface Treatment

Ion Nitriding Furnace Scope of application:

Plasma nitriding, also known as plasma nitriding, forms a wear-resistant layer on the surface of the parts through thermal diffusion reaction. Plasma process is an alternative to gas nitriding, which is carried out in vacuum / partial pressure environment.

Ion nitriding is a process of surface hardening of metal materials, in which nitrogen is incorporated into the surface of treated parts. Due to the special properties of nitrogen incorporation, in many cases, the ion nitriding of steel and gray cast iron is much better than the simple nitriding process previously found.

The technology improves mechanical properties, such as wear resistance, fatigue resistance, resilience, etc.

Ion nitriding uses this plasma state, which means that the process can also be called plasma nitriding

Ion Nitriding Furnace Product features:

The ion nitriding furnace uses cold wall and movable vacuum hood. Ion nitriding is a plasma technology.

The load is set to the cathode potential and the chamber to the anode potential. The resulting potential difference can produce a plasma of dissociated gaseous matter at a sufficiently low pressure. As a result, the release of active nitrogen Accelerates along the loading direction, resulting in plasma nitriding around it.

Since dangerous nitriding materials are neither used nor produced, there are no environmental and safety problems.

Through plasma, the parts must be placed in a vacuum vessel and electrically insulated from the enclosure. Under the pressure of 50-500pa, a pulse DC voltage of several hundred volts is used between the workpiece and the container, thus the workload is switched by the cathode. The ionization of the remaining gas in the vessel results in a glow discharge. Cationic electricity is moving towards the workpiece and hitting it with high kinetic energy.

Through ionization, the gas used can be effectively utilized, thus minimizing the demand for gas.

The structure of nitride layer can be controlled, and the untreated surface can be protected by covering.

The working parameters of the ion nitriding equipment of hkfurnace are very large, with a diameter of up to 2500mm, a length of up to 5000m and a weight of up to 200000kg.


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