Industrial steel well type Gas Nitriding Furnace

Industrial steel well type Gas Nitriding Furnace.jpg

Industrial steel well type Gas Nitriding Furnace


Description :

Furnace Chamber

1. The refractory layer is building by 0.8 density high strength gather light mullite brick.

2. The insulation layer is 1260 type alumina fiber blanket and support by alumina bricks.

3. The composite structure chamber is composed by refractory brick and refractory fiber.

Furnace Cover

1. Silicon rubber piece &compression bolt sealing, water cooling for sealing pieces.

2. Air intake & exhaust device with water cooling fan.

3. The airflow circulation forced by water cooling fan to ensure the uniformity of temperature and atmosphere inside furnace.

4. 10/25 hydraulic device for easily opening the furnace.

5. Two limit switches in the lifting shaft, auto turn off the fan power when opening the cover, auto turn off total when the cover is lifting to the top.

6. Special dedign blower to shorten the nitriding period and increase cooling rate.


Application :

it mainly used for a chemical heating technical to make the nitrogen atom infiltrate the work-piece surface at 650-950.


Parameter :

Chamber Size ( Dia* Depth, mm) : Φ800×3500

Capacity (kg) : 3000

Rated Power (kW) : 140



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