High technology vacuum nitriding furnace

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High technology vacuum nitriding furnace


Description :

1.Fast infiltration speed, high surface hardness, good atmosphere uniformity and sealing condition.

2.Heating chamber and cooling chamber are separated, high production efficiency, low using cost.

3.Good cooling uniformity, small distortion of the heat treated parts.

4.The nozzles of nitriding gas are arranged evenly on the heating chamber, with good nitriding layer thickness uniformity.

5.The waste gas is pumped into sealed water box by the vacuum pump then will be cleared out after processed specially, It is an energy - saving eco-friendly product.


Application :

This vacuum nitriding furnace is mainly used for nitriding of heat treated parts under low vacuum conditions, with the function of changing pressure and ventilating automatically, to ensure the protective atmosphere in every corner of furnace hearth fresh and active.


Parameter : 

Loading capacity(kg):3500/4000

Heating power(kw): 300

Max.temp : 1300

Furnace temp uniformity : ±5



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