Die Steel Vacuum Gas Nitriding Furnace

Product description

It is suitable for heat nitriding treatment of various dies (especially H13), measuring tools, cutting tools (such as high-speed steel tools), crankshafts, gears, cylinder liners, mechanical parts and wear-resistant parts.

Die Steel Vacuum Gas Nitriding Furnace.jpg

Benefits of nitriding:

1. Obtain high surface hardness.

2. Increase wear resistance and wear resistance.

3. Improve fatigue life.

4. Improve corrosion resistance.

5. Obtain a surface resistant to thermal softening at temperatures up to nitriding temperature.

Technical Parameters:

Rated Power


Power supply

380V, 3P, 50Hz

Rated temperature


Temperature control zone

2 zones

Effective working size


Temperature uniformity


Temperature control accuracy


Furnace cover lifting method

Electric lifting

Refractory lining

Refractory brick, fiber structure

Temperature control method

PID control, eover temperautre alarm and timing function

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