A new pit gas nitriding furnace

Introduction to pit nitriding furnace:

Well furnace is a recirculating furnace, suitable for heat treatment of pole and long shaft parts. The hole of the furnace body is cylindrical and installed vertically in the charging and heating workpiece by special crane. Pit furnaces are usually placed below ground level in the workshop and must also be placed above ground level, or each half of the ground level.

Characteristics of mine gas nitriding furnace:

1. The electric furnace is equipped with a large fan, and the temperature of the furnace is even.

2. The area and control of the electric furnace are larger, which further improves the uniformity of the furnace temperature.

3. The area in the furnace stainless steel hopper.

4. The opening and closing of the furnace cover adopts crane hoisting or automatic hydraulic opening and closing mechanism, and is equipped with guide column to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the furnace cover;

5. The cover of the furnace is made of high-temperature resistant fiber cotton, with good insulation performance, energy saving and production cost reduction.

6. No pollution, good environmental benefits.

More information about our well furnaces

1. Used for heat treatment in the air of steel parts, especially long parts. When the process requires, the protective atmosphere can be entered to reduce the oxidation of the workpiece.

2. Two-zone control, using intelligent digital display instrument, temperature control with SCR, also equipped with holding time relay, with overtemperature alarm function.

3. The heating element is 0Cr21Al6Nb heating wire.

4. Energy-saving lightweight aluminum silicate refractory fiber and diatomite brick lining.

5. Open the lid through the lever.

6. Heat resistant steel apron in the middle.

A new pit gas nitriding furnace

Technical parameters


Rated power


heating up




Rated temperature


chamber size


Max.loading capacity


Weight (kg)Rated Temp.(℃)No-load power loss (kw)Furnace temp uniformity (℃)Max loading capacity (kg)
RN2-20-620≤2.5650Dia400*520 1601400650≤7.5+5 160 
RN2-30-630≤2.5650Dia 450*650 2001700650≤10+5 200
RN2-45-645≤2.5650Dia 450*10003002000650≤15+5 300
RN2-60-660≤2.5650Dia 650*12006303000650≤17+5 630
RN2-75-675≤2.5650Dia 800*1300750380065020+5 750
RN2-90-690≤3.5650Dia 800*160014504500650≤25+5 1450
RN2-105-6110≤3.5650Dia 1000*160018005300650≤30+5 1800
RN2-140-6140≤3.5650Dia 1200*200021006500650≤40+5 2100

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