zinc aluminum heat preservation furnace Mesh belt type muffle-free furnace large

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In the metallurgical industry, a heating furnace is an apparatus (an industrial furnace) that heats a material or workpiece (usually metal) to the rolling temperature.

Heating furnace is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Heat treatment furnace:

Heat treatment furnace refers to the electric furnace or fuel furnace for heat treatment of charge. The commonly used heat treatment furnaces are box type resistance furnace, well type resistance furnace, gas carburizing furnace and salt bath furnace. Continuous furnaces are usually used. The workpiece is continuously loaded from the loading door and discharged through the furnace from the unloading door. Usually, the transfer mode in the furnace is to load the workpiece to the heat-resistant steel guide rail, and through the step beam or push rod for transmission. In recent years, heat-resistant steel conveyor belt has been gradually used to transport materials. In this way, the operation of heat treatment is more reasonable, which greatly increases the possibility of automatic and unmanaged heat treatment process.

Resistance furnace:

A resistance furnace is an industrial furnace that USES electrical heating elements or heating media in an electric furnace to heat workpieces or materials. This is a heating furnace that USES an electric current to generate heat through a resistive material.

Resistance furnaces are used in the mechanical industry to heat metals prior to forging, heat treat metals, brazing, powder metallurgy sintering, baking and annealing of glass ceramics, melting of low-melting metals, drying of sand molds and paint coatings, etc.

Annealing furnace:

A annealing furnace is a process used to make semiconductor devices that involves heating multiple semiconductor wafers to affect their electrical properties. Heat treatment is designed to achieve different effects. Can heat the wafer to activate the dopant, converting film to film or film into a wafer substrate interface, which can change the density of thin film deposition, can restore the growth of thin films, can repair damaged injected, can move dopant or dopant from a film transferred to another film, or moving from film to the wafer substrate.

The annealing furnace can be integrated into other furnace processing steps, such as oxidation, or it can be treated on its own. The annealing furnace is designed to heat semiconductor wafers. Annealing furnace is a kind of energy saving periodic operation furnace, with super energy saving structure and fiber structure, can save 60% of electricity.

Sintering furnace:

Sintering furnace is a special equipment that can be sintered to obtain the required physical, mechanical properties and microstructure of the powder compactor. The sintering furnace is used to dry the slurry on silicon wafer, remove the organic components in the slurry, and complete aluminum back field and grating sintering.

Carburizing furnace:

Carburizing furnace is a new type of energy - saving electric furnace.

The carburizing furnace has two heat sources to choose from. One is through the heating of fuels, including fuel and natural gas. The other is electric heating. There are two types of carburizing furnaces, discontinuous and continuous.

zinc aluminum heat preservation furnace Mesh belt type muffle-free furnace large

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zinc aluminum heat preservation furnace Mesh belt type muffle-free furnace large trolley furnace


Heating Furnace,Resistance Furnace,Heat Treatment Furnace,Annealing Furnace,Sintering furnace,Carburizing furnace



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2000*1000*1200(Supply according to customer's requirement)

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2750*1800*2470(Supply according to customer's requirement)

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