Mesh belt protective atmophere brazing furnace

1. Mesh Belt Furnace consist of furnace body, lining, furnace pot, heating elements, belt and motor, etc.
The shell is weld by 3mm plate and made of super light standard bricks with refractory clay masonry, the thermal insulation layer is filled with high temperature fiber blankets.
The furnace pot is made by stainless steel as 310S, 6mm thickness.  The top and the side part is provided with a reinforcing ribs.
The heating elements are made by high temperature resistance wire as spiral type. They lied up and down of the furnace pot. The resistance wire could use as 950℃,as material:0Cr27Al7MO2
The belt is move by motor as 10KW, the belt is made by SUS314 mady by Sweden, the speed could adjustable :50-850mm/min.
The protect air system is use Ammonia decomposition furnace (10M3)to prevent oxidation.
The furnace is divides as 6 heating area ,each area have independent temperature control unit, use SCR and PID control.The cooling area is welded by 4mm thickness steel outer and 4mm stainless steel inter. The water cooling pipes around the area.Structural features
Compared with the welding brazing has the following advantages:
A, the heating temperature is low, less effect on the microstructure and mechanical properties of parent metal;
B, small welding deformation, especially in the furnace brazing, welding deformation can be reduced to a minimum, to ensure the accuracy of the weldment size;
C, braze welding head level off is smooth, beautiful appearance;
D, can be a welding into dozens or hundreds brazing seam, high productivity;
E, can realize the dissimilar metals or alloys, metal and nonmetal;
F, if in a reducing atmosphere, such as ammonia decomposition atmosphere in the furnace of brazing, not only can prevent the air intrusion, can restore oxide on the surface of the work-piece, help solder wetting parent metal.

Application:Suitable for brazing of the copper or the copper heat exchanger work-piece. It is a continuous production line, Work-piece by a conveyor belt through a preheating zone, heating zone, the high temperature zone, the cooling zone to achieve light treatment, the whole process were operating under a protective atmosphere (using ammonia decomposition gas protection). The processed products of high quality, the deformation is small,product surface brightness,suitable for mass production.
(2)The composition of the production line:Mainly made by the feed section, heating section, cooling section, transmission, electrical and temperature control systems and protective atmosphere system, etc.
Parameter :
1.Overall dimensions of equipment:28000(L)x2300(W)x300(H)mm
2.The effective heating area: 5500(L)X700(W)x280(H)mm
3.The effective cooling area:14000(L)x700(W)x280(H)mm
4.The effective size of the Muffle tank:6250(L)x700(W)x280(H)mm
This equipment consists of transmission system, heating system, cooling system, control system and the gas supply system of ammonia decomposition device.Muffle furnace is made of imported high temperature resistant stainless steel materials after welded together,Detachable type electric heating element to heat up and down.
Steel belt conveyor stepless speed regulation, liquid ammonia decomposition hydrogen (75% 25%), nitrogen gas mixture into the furnace gas shielded effect, gas direction adjusting device, to ensure stable atmosphere.
Products after the heat treatment equipment, the surface light, no oxidation phenomenon, the product uniformity good processing.
Heat furnace (also called furnace) heat use durable stainless steel. Cooling area is equipped with circulation cooling water jacket,Artifacts have protective atmosphere after the cooling zone (after the cooling area is still not oxidation) temperature reduced. Easy to take.
This equipment is also equipped with continuous washing and drying device, can be used as an artifact in front of the annealing continuous washing and drying.
(can use natural gas heating mode)

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