Mesh belt continuous heat treatment production line

Mesh belt continuous heat treatment production line Application:

1. Standard parts industry self tapping screw, drilling screw, wall screw, wood screw and other carbon heat treatment. Quenching and tempering heat treatment of high strength screws, hexagon socket screws, 5-8.2 screws, nuts, etc;

2. Tempering heat treatment of adjustable spanner, open spanner, socket spanner, hexagon spanner, screwdriver, socket, pliers, Jack and other hand tools;

3. Carburizing heat treatment of automobile, motorcycle and bicycle parts, such as automobile screw, shaft, hub, connecting rod, locking ring, piston pin, locomotive screw, upper and lower plug, size bowl, driving shaft, five groups, front fork group, group, quick valve group, etc;

4. Quenching and tempering heat treatment of folders, blades, files, nails at four corners, lighters, shoe cores, hairpins, pen holders, etc;

5. Carburizing heat treatment of steel nails, nail clippers, hooks, chains, hook locks and other hardware parts; 6. Carburizing and quenching heat treatment of textile machinery parts and bearing parts;

Mesh belt continuous heat treatment production line Features:

1. The linear mesh furnace is mainly used for batch processing of small mechanical parts, such as: standard parts, bearings,Chain, screw, needle, etc

2. The furnace can be heated, normalized, annealed, quenched, carburized, nitrified and other processes in a protective atmosphere to complete the whole heat treatment.

3. The lining shall be made of all fiber refractories. This refractory is lighter and more efficient.

4. The strong fan can produce strong wind to make the lining temperature uniform.

5. The automatic control system makes the production easier and more economical.


Mesh belt continuous heat treatment production line main components:

1. Feed / charger

2. Front cleaner

3. Roller mesh belt carburizing and quenching furnace

4. oil transfer tank

5. crane

6. backwashing machine

7. Net back to furnace

8. Electric control system

Main specifications and parameters:


Power supply

Rated temperature
( oC)

Working chamber size


45380V 3-phase950 2400*220*6060
RCW-60-960 2600*300*60100
RCW-75-975 3700*300*60150
RCW-90-990 4700*300*80200
RCW-120-9120 4700*400*80250
RCW-150-9150 4700*500*80300

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