Mesh Belt Blackening Furnace

Mesh Belt Blackening Furnace.jpg


This production line adopts Taiwan technical. Important components are used for imported brand.

This production line is consist of carrier roller mesh-belt hardening furnace, hardening tank, cleaning, mesh-belt tempering furnace, blackening tank, dryer furnace, oiling tank and electrical control.


Mesh Belt Blackening Furnace main used for nuts , bolts and etc .


Size: 600 x 6000mm (W*L)

Rated power: 200kW

Hardening tank

Capacity: 9m3           

Size: 4200 x 1730 x 2000mm (L*W*H)

Size: 4200 x 1730 x 2000mm (L*W*H)

Continuous hot air tempering furnace

Temperature: 650℃

Rated power: 150kW

Effective hearth width: 800mm

Blackening tank

Capacity: around 4m3

Continuous mesh-belt dryer

Temperature: 280℃

Effective hearth height: 100mm

Effective mesh width:800mm

Oiling through

Capacity: around 3m3




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