Jewelry industry network belt tunnel furnace

Welding belt furnace

The machine is designed for use in hardware, especially jewelry. Suitable for welding K gold and silver chain joint parts and chains;

The combined frame is easy to install and disassemble, has a high quality and stable pipeline heating system, has a mechanical drive and a high purity shielding gas, and is equipped with a purification device for nitrogen produced by ammonia decomposition. It is suitable for bright annealing, solution treatment, continuous welding and lead welding of different metals and stamping parts.

Jewelry industry network belt tunnel furnace

Parameters of mesh belt tunnel furnace in jewelry industry

Model numberSPB- AWF
Power sourceThree-phase 380V, 50/60Hz
Power11.5kw (9kw+2.5kw)
Max temperature950℃
SpeedStepless speed regulation
Cooling wayWater cooling
Used gasAmmonia
Working slot70*40 (W*L mm)
Network band width50mm

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