Electric Ceramic Tile Used Roller Kiln for heating treatment

Electric Ceramic Tile Used Roller Kiln for heating treatment.png

Description :

Mainly used in the production of ceramic tiles and other ceramic building materials.It is continuous heating and work, it is made by the rotation of the ceramic tube as the roller kiln vehicle the ceramic tiles or bricks materials in the kiln inner chamber.The rotation of the ceramic tube with high temperature(high-alumina),or SiC depending on the calcination temperature and ar driven by independent controller.Products are conveyed through preheating,calcinating and cooling zones on rotating rollers and are placed on selters according to the shape and dimensions.Products are heated uniformly by the upper and lower heaters(electric resistance wires,silicon carbide(SIC) or silicon molybdenum rods(MoSi2) ).

Application :

Electric ceramic roller kiln is mainly used for pre-burn,ceramics,chemical products,sintering, the calcined powders and other industries.Equipment with low failure rate, high degree of automation, low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance and so on.

The roller kiln with high quality refractory insulate materials were equipped in special kiln wall structure to protect the excellent insulation effect.The surface temperature outside kiln is below 60°C for low fuel consumption.

Parameter :

Dimension(L*W*H): 3000x250x500mm

Working Temperature:1300.C


Heating elements:

Silicon carbide(SIC)


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