Continuous Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Furnace

The whole heat treatment production line consists of lifting feeder, weighing device, pre immersion washing machine, vibrating spreader, no muffle roller, mesh belt atmosphere hardening furnace, oil transfer tank, horizontal washing machine and steel wire mesh -Mesh belt tempering furnace, cooling box, electric control cabinet, etc

This heat treatment assembly line adopts the melting furnace technology from Japan, and is manufactured and inspected according to the resistance furnace industry standard. The main parts are imported products, and the manufacturing and assembly quality has reached the advanced level in China.


This heat treatment line is a fully automatic production line, which is composed of material loading, pre washing, material distribution, hardening, cooling, post washing, tempering and cooling technologies.

The main furnace adopts low voltage and high current transformer for heating, which extends the service life of the radiation tube and is convenient for maintenance and renewal.

The steel mesh belt adopts synchronous rotating roller to make the belt bear the lowest tension in the operation process, so as to extend the service life.

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