Atmosphere control continuous mesh belt furnace

Furnace line composition

Atmosphere control continuous mesh belt furnace production line: magnetic feeder → methanol storage tank → front degreasing cleaning tank → quenching furnace → quenching oil tank → degreasing support → rear degreasing cleaning tank → → hot blast furnace → electrical control system < including human-machine interface > → single point O2 carbon automatic control system → computer control system

Furnace characteristics

1. Imported furnace insulation materials: insulation brick B5, anti-seepage carbon brick lbk-23, imported paste P-150;

2. Electrical part: Schneider frequency converter, relay and contactor are used; PLC program controller adopts original Mitsubishi q series from Japan; frequency conversion motor, reducer, motor and water pump products are used in Taiwan;

3. The control system is controlled by a unified interface. The equipment is beautiful and easy to operate, reflecting the degree of automation;

4. High temperature bearing is adopted at both ends of idler, with good sealing performance;

5. Radiant tube is used for heating, and high temperature resistance wire is used to connect the heating element to ensure the extension of the heating element after heating;

6. Power controller is used for quenching furnace and tempering furnace;

In order to obtain good insulation, special insulating cotton and nano board are used;

SUS310 casting tripod is used for material unloading of the quenching furnace to prevent the workpiece from remaining in the furnace, so as to prevent the workpiece from quenching overtime.

The device can accurately measure the atmosphere in the furnace, and is equipped with an automatic carbon potential equalizer;

The gasifier adopts full centrifugal casting SUS310, with three holes at the bottom, long service life and even gasification.


Main parameters of furnace

1. Total rated power: about 580kw, continuous power 60% - 70%

2. The length of the whole equipment is about 40 meters

3. Total weight: about 56 tons

4. Facility parameters: input power voltage 415V / 50Hz 220V / 50Hz

5. Quenching furnace 800 ° c-930 ° C, quenching cooling oil tank 65-95 ° C, tempering furnace 100 ° c-680 ° C,

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