TL section steel tow chain

TL section steel tow chain series introduction:

TL section steel drag chain is composed of chain plate, pin shaft, support plate and follow - up coupler. This product has the characteristics of exquisite design and flexible use, which is widely used in the three-dimensional warehouse, large machinery, robot and so on as short distance, oil, gas, water hose and cable moving at the same time.

TL section steel tow chain

TL steel tow chain can carry a large number of cables and pipelines of large weight, free suspension (allow not to use supporting wheel) long, support plate can be made according to customer needs, suitable for all mobile machinery, etc., its bending radius is 75--650mm, the chain plate height is 40--145mm, can be chosen arbitrarily.

The height of the chain plate, that is, the height of the support plate, is determined by the maximum diameter of the cable. If the width of the drag chain exceeds 300mm and the length of the drag chain exceeds 4m, the drag chain with the no.1 specification should be selected.

The bending radius shall be chosen according to the maximum diameter of the cable and shall be up to 10 times the diameter of the cable. The bending radius can be 75--650mm, and the smaller radius can be selected if the stroke is small.

The chain can be fixed according to the position of the machine. The fixed Angle can be placed in the outer or inner side inside or outside the drag chain. In general, the joint part is in the drag chain and faces the outer side.

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