Steel drag chain

Steel drag chain

The steel and aluminum tow chain is generally used in the cable, oil pipe, air pipe, water pipe and air pipe of machine tools and other machinery, and plays the role of traction and protection to the cable, oil pipe, air pipe, water pipe and air pipe. According to the connection board and style into several categories, each category has a number of models! Steel and aluminum tow chain (stainless steel and aluminum tow chain, automatic steel and aluminum tow chain, new type steel and aluminum tow chain, semi-closed steel and aluminum tow chain)

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Steel drag chain of main body is made up of chain plate (is made of high qualified steel plate after quenching and then polished chrome plating/galvanized/coating processing), the support plate (pultrusion aluminum alloy), the shaft pin (steel), and other parts. The cable or does not produce distortion between rubber hose with drag chain, chain plate after chrome plating treatment effect of the novel appearance, reasonable structure, flexible high strength, good rigidity, the product is not out of shape. Easy installation, use and reliable, easy to tear open outfit, or not. Because this product appearance is elegant, but in a large extent, enhance the artistic appearance overall effect of machine tool equipment, enhance our machine tools, machinery and equipment in the international market competition ability.


TL45, TL65, TL95, TL125, TL180, TL225, TL250, the width of the chain can be customized according to user requirements, bending radius from 50-800 between.

There are three forms of support plates.

(1) When the tow chain needs to bear large pipe and cable loads, the high-strength support plate -- the whole block type should be selected

(2) When the size of the pipe connection of the cable is larger than the diameter of the supporting plate or it is required to be dismantled and repaired frequently. Optional support plate - separate type

(3) The supporting plate -- frame type can be selected for installation of more specifications of pipe cables

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