Gas tunnel kiln in ceramic industry

1. Tunnel kiln details

Tunnel kiln mainly includes four systems: kiln body, kiln conveying equipment, fuel combustion system and ventilation equipment.

A. Kiln body: the main part of tunnel kiln system. There are various air flow inlets and outlets on the kiln body.

B. Kiln conveying equipment: kiln car and kiln furniture.

C. Fuel combustion system: including fuel delivery pipe, fuel preheater, burner, tunnel kiln heating and combustion are mainly heavy oil, light diesel and natural gas.

D. Ventilation equipment: including exhaust system, air curtain mixing system and cooling system. Its main function is to make water flow in a certain direction.

Gas tunnel kiln in ceramic industry

2. Technical data


Refractory tunnel kiln

 porcelain tunnel kiln

Building brick tunnel kiln

Other kiln types





Rotary kiln,

Shuttle kiln,

Round shaft kiln,

Roasted flower roller  kiln,

Glass melting furnace,




8000--150000 tons

100000--1200000 pieces

2000000--15000000 pieces

Firing cycle(h)





Fire clay brick,high alumina brick,mullite brick, etc.

Sanitary ware, daily-use porcelain, etc.

Building bricks, split bricks, hollow bricks

3. Characteristics of tunnel kiln

A. Continuous production, short cycle, large output and high quality.

B. The heat utilization rate is high and the fuel is economic. Because the heat can be maintained and the waste heat can be used very well, the fuel is very economic. Compared with the downflow kiln, the fuel can be saved about 50-60%.

C. Reduced ignition time. It takes 3-5 days to install the ordinary kiln from the kiln to the empty space, while the tunnel kiln can be completed in about 20 hours.

D. The kilns and implements are durable. Because the kiln is not affected by fast cooling and fast heating, it has a long service life and is usually maintained every 5-7 years.

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