Medium frequency aluminum foil waste melting induction furnace

The main features

1. Easy to install and operate, quick to learn.

2. Super small size, light weight, easy to carry, covering less than one square meter.

3. 24-hour continuous smelting capacity.

4. Energy saving.

5. The furnace is for the convenience of changing different weights, materials and ways of different furnaces to meet the melting requirements of each kind of material.

6. Ultra-low frequency induction heating power supply frequency conversion power supply, which is completely different from the traditional furnace.

7. Heating through heat resistance, uniform temperature.

8. The intermediate magnetic field on the molten metal has a magnetic stirring effect and is beneficial to the composition.

9. According to the recommended maximum melting equipment and melting time of 20-60 minutes per furnace.

Medium frequency aluminum foil waste melting induction furnace

Constitute a

1. An ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply.

2. Supplementary or dumping melting furnace.

3. Compensation capacitor box.

Technique parameter

Furnace modelSteel, iron and stainless steel smelting capacityCopper, gold, silver smalting capacity
ZP-15 15W3kg5kg
ZP-25 25KW5kg10kg
ZP-35 35KW10kg30kg
ZP-45 45KW18kg70kg
ZP-70 70KW28kg100kg
ZP-90 90KW45kg120kg
ZP-110 110KW60kg150kg

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