instrument Nitrogen Apparatus analyzer

GH-300 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Apparatus

GH-300 automatic nitrogen analyzer (also known as protein analyzer) is the company according to Kay's nitrogen method for the design of a product, mainly used to detect food, food, dairy products, beverages, Soil, water, drugs, sediment and chemicals such as ammonia nitrogen, protein nitrogen and other content. Detection methods in line with international, AOAC, ISO and so on.

GH-300 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Apparatus:

1 So the pipeline are imported corrosion-resistant materials, plus pump imported brand pump, long life, high precision;

2 Manual and automatic two modes can be arbitrarily switched, can be set to add water, add boric acid, the amount of alkali, distillation time; to meet the different samples of the distillation reaction;

3 10 sets of experimental procedures can be stored in order to recall a specific sample of distilled water;

4 Automatic cleaning system in each sample distillation finished automatic cleaning pipeline, so that the measurement accuracy is higher;

5 Safety protection system perfect: digestion tube absent tips, security gate absent tips, steam oven over-temperature protection;

6 Flow calibration can be automatically combined manually, with manual verification of the results of automatic flow calibration to ensure accurate flow;

7 Automatic replenishment, the amount of recycled liquid can be adjusted;

8 With automatic recovery alarm function;

instrument Nitrogen Apparatus analyzer

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