Roller Type Mesh Belt Control Atmosphere Heat Treatment Production Line


Bolts heat treatment roller type mesh belt control atmosphere heat treatment production line

1. Feeding machine
Auto loader(chain lifting) type feeder
Magnetic type feeder
Vibrating type feeder

Usage:deliver (small,medium,large) pieces to front degreasing & washing tank, so that the work piece enter the furnace heat treatment evenly.


2.Front degreasing & washing tank

Usage and features:
(1) Equipped with a heater in the tank and work pieces are soaked in the hot water in a while, then spray to remove the dirty while moving in the elevator.
(2) Equipped with an oil-water separator and strong blower.
(3) Equipped with a spraying pump.


3.Dephosphating tank
For automotive high strength bolts to phosphorus treatment
Avoid surface microstructure changes, forming a phosphor layer infiltration , fatigue properties of this layer of tissue products, such as would affect .


4.Continuous mesh-belt conveyor & gas controlled hardening(carburizing) furnace
Widely used for engineering machinery, auto parts, fasteners, bearings, chains, metal tools and precision parts industries quenching carburizing.
(1) low faulty rate.
(2) Equipped with string fans at the top of the furnace make uniformity temperature and high quality hardness.


5.Double-layer dyeing tank
(1) Make use of tempering heat for dyeing work piece to save energy.

(2) Adopt high-quality heat exchange to prevent fire caused by overheated oil.
(3) Uses double-layer type dyeing tank with circulation pump, and color of dyeing can be optional.


6.Oiling device


7.Continuous mesh belt conveyor tempering furnace
(1) Heater adopts up-down design to get uniformity temperature and has a long service life and low faulty rate.
(2) Equipped with string fans at the top of the furnace make uniformity temperature and high quality hardness.


8.Automatic temperature control cabinet
1) Introductions
This heat treatment production line adopts furnace technology from Japan & Taiwan and is inspected according to the standard of resistance furnace industry. Its key components adopt imported products and the quality of manufacturing and assembling has reached domestic advanced level.

2) Specialties
2.1 Hardening furnace’s heating adopts low voltage, high current transformer, which lengthens the service life of radiant tubes & elements and makes it convenient for maintenance and renewal.
2.2 The wire mesh belt adopts synchronous rotating roller, which makes belt endure the lowest tension during operation and lengthen the service life.
2.3 The both supporting ends of supporting roller adopt domestic special heat-resistant self lubricating bearing, and the heat sink adopts wind-cooling device which assures the intensity.
2.4 The wire mesh belt transmission design is equipped with overload, pass-line deflection alarming system, which makes the wire mesh belt transmission smooth and steady, without any deflection. The temperature controlling system adopts PID automatic control, and is equipped with abnormal over temperature alarming system and necessary linkages as well.
2.5 It adopts dripping atmosphere to keep atmosphere pyrolysis inside the furnace, the usage is easy and reliable.
2.6 The high-speed rotating bearings of the air fan which assures the reliability of air fan’s operation steady.
2.7 Three curtain doors (flame door) are equipped inside the furnace, and elevating furnace door is equipped at the furnace entrance to prevent atmosphere’s draining inside the furnace, reduce the usage of methanol, lower the cost, and at the same time tackle the frequent repairing problems of curtain type doors.
2.8 In order to assure the uniformity of the temperature inside the furnace, we adopt the 5 control zone.
2.9 In order to prevent the extensibility of heating elements after heated and assure easy replacement, the connecting lead wire of heating elements’ (bilateral furnace) extension stick is connected by flexible wire.
2.10 In order to satisfy the production requirements of clients, increase the number of radiant tubes in the hardening area in the context of no high temperature drop in this area, and gain power in the hardening area in the context of no crafts influence, which could gain production and save electricity.

The drip type atmosphere and protective atmosphere by pyrolysis furnace, simple and reliable use, avoid the phenomenon of carbon deposition occurred in the drip nozzle. Carbon potential by oxygen probe and carbon control instrument for automatic control, automatic protection of oxygen probe by charcoal.

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