Push rod heat treatment production line

Brief introduction of push-rod heat treatment production line

This series of push-rod heat treatment production line is a continuous automatic heat treatment production line, with the characteristics of unique design, ingenious structure, safety and reliability, and remarkable energy saving.

Push rod heat treatment production line

Application of push-rod heat treatment production line

The production line is ideal for a wide range of workpieces such as auto parts, bearings, hardened and tempered gears, and carburizing.

Structure of push-rod heat treatment production line

The production line is mainly composed of filling mechanism, pre-oxidation furnace, heating furnace, carburizing furnace, diffusion furnace, quenching tank, cleaning machine, tempering furnace, unloading car and electrical control system. Prewashing machine is also available.

Benefits of push-rod heat treatment line

1. Patented bed and oil self-circulation cooling fan, quench oil air cooling device, workpiece transfer device under the oil and fully sealed quench pot can also be used to set the speed of the stirring motor in different processes.

2. Significant energy saving

Use bed material structure, must eliminate the flame, in order to achieve better sealing effect. After charging, the carbon potential in furnace fluctuates little.

3. Good stability and reliability

Carefully selected parts of world-renowned brands, the equipment design is reasonable and compact, simple operation, reliable operation, high degree of automation, advanced technology, energy consumption economy.

4. Minimum ancillary installation costs

Use patented oil self-circulating cooling fans and quenching oil air cooling devices without circulating cooling pools, pumps, cooling towers, water treatment equipment, water pipes and other ancillary facilities

5. Advanced computer management system

The computer system can reliably track the loading tray and check the product name, quantity, location, unloading time, etc. The computer system can also monitor the running state of the equipment and perform machining simulation and heat treatment data calculation. Necessary tools to confirm and optimize technical parameters.

6. Low operating cost, safe and reliable

Advanced technology, good stability, minimal auxiliary facilities to ensure the lowest energy consumption costs, such as electricity, natural gas, maintenance costs, auxiliary facilities, etc. Perfect safety facilities to ensure the safe operation of operators, equipment and products. Simple and reliable operation, long life and high production performance, and automatic heat treatment.

Main technical data of heating furnace (execution example stkes-70/70/65-14-950)


Approx. 400 kg/hr net with CHD 1,4 mm 550HV

Weight of Charge

Approx. 135 kg net, 175 kg gross


Working temperature

Preheating: 400°C

Carburizing : 925°C/860°C

Tempering :170°C - 190°C

Cooling gas

Nitrogen, up to 20 bar

Remarks:Various furnace sizes can be designed and manufactured as user’s needs.

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