HighTemperature Continuous Mesh Belt Metal Heat Treatment

Continuous mesh belt furnace is a heat treatment production line, which is mainly used for heat treatment of small parts. The following heat treatment processes are adopted:

1. Hardening and tempering

2. Austrian

3. Prevent forging heat

4. Isothermal annealing

5. Normalizing and recrystallization

6. Strengthening

7. Tempering

8. Carburizing

Hat treatment structure of high temperature continuous mesh belt metal

The production line is mainly composed of feeder, quenching furnace, elevator, quenching tank, cleaning machine, dryer, tempering furnace and electric control system.

HighTemperature Continuous Mesh Belt Metal Heat Treatment application area:

The furnace is very suitable for heat treatment;

1. Standard parts and hardware, such as bolts and nuts

2. Small parts

3. rings

4. Stamping parts

5. Casting

6. forgings

HighTemperature Continuous Mesh Belt Metal Heat Treatment.jpg

HighTemperature Continuous Mesh Belt Metal Heat Treatment Advantage:

1. The internal conveyor belt saves energy by eliminating the energy required for repeatedly heating the belt; the temperature is uniform by using the stored heat, thus reducing belt wear; the belt has a long service life;

2. Different casting chain design for internal conveyor.

3. Design of airtight furnace heated by radiant tube;

4. The loading equipment used for different loading technologies will carefully handle the products (soft handling). Measurement and weighing are carried out for specific parts and adjusted according to furnace capacity;

5. The integrated pre washing and dephosphorization and intermediate washing technology is best used in combination with centrifugal washing machine. You can also use a combination of spiral washers, continuous washers, or washers.

6. Quenching and cooling equipment for all conventional media and removal of parts by conveyor belt;

7. Automatic operation of process in continuous belt furnace. It has the characteristics of large capacity, high efficiency and labor saving.

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