Automatic production line for heat treatment of standard parts

Automatic production line for heat treatment of standard parts describe

Continuous production line is a push-rod continuous heating quenching and tempering production line, used for shaft, automobile, motorcycle pin and commonly used parts of the shaft, axle, crankshaft, dial differential, spring made of quenching and tempering heat treatment. The material is 45 # steel, 20 cr, 40 cr. Under the condition of guaranteeing heat treatment process, hardness ≥HRC50 and dispersion hardness difference ≤3HRC.

Automatic production line for heat treatment of standard parts

The main features

1. The heat treatment production line adopts a full set of imported technology and standard manufacturing, inspection, key parts are imported products, and the overall quality reaches the level of imported products.

2. In the production process

Heating → heat preservation → quenching and cooling → cleaning → tempering

3. In order to meet the heat treatment needs of the workpiece, some improvements in furnace lining have improved the energy saving effect of the production line and the production line in China. Requirements of domestic enterprises.

4. Heating mode is heating tube and protective tube, which extends the service life of radiation tube and is easy to maintain and replace;

5. Roller synchronous drive is adopted for the mesh belt, so that the mesh belt can bear the minimum tension during operation and has a long service life.

6. The two sides of the roller are supported by special high-temperature sealed bearings.

7. Abnormal alarm device is provided in the transmission design of the mesh belt to ensure stable and reliable operation of the mesh belt;

8, mesh belt furnace from the furnace reflux, preheating cold workpiece, energy saving effect is obvious.

Technical parameters

Production line parametersTotal heating power~400Kw 
Total length~12m 
Cooling methodwater coolingCan be specified
Quenching furnace Working temperature950Can be specified
Rated Power150Kw 
temperature control area4  
Heating Furnace length5500mm 
Preheating zone length2000mm 
Charging zone length1500mm 
Stacking height100mm 
Temperature uniformity±5 
Atmosphere supply methodDrip type 
Speed control methodVariable frequency control 
Quenching tankVolume6 
tank deepth2000mm 
tank length4200mm 
Tempering furnaceWorking temperature650 
Rated Power100Kw 
temperature control area2  
Heating Furnace length8000mm 
Charging zone length1500mm 
Stacking height200mm 
Temperature uniformity±5 
Speed control methodVariable frequency control 

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