Industrial coal-fired hot air furnace

Bhl-z1 direct coal fired hot air furnace for base materials and powder

Hot air furnace progress of analytical

The bhl-z1 coal-fired hot air stove USES bituminous/soft coal as fuel. It has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, small footprint and convenient installation. Currently, it is the preferred alternative to the CWS hot air stove.

Bhl-z1 consists of a BHL coal burner, a combustion chamber and an air mixing chamber. A coal machine lifts bituminous coal into a combustion barrel (on one side of the coal burning machine). When a certain height is reached, the chain furnace rate sends the coal into the combustion chamber at a constant speed. The flue gas from burning coal (1000℃) is mixed with a certain amount of cold air. When about 650℃ is reached, hot air enters the spray tower to dry the material. The hot air temperature can be adjusted according to different technical requirements. The fluctuation range of the continuous hot air temperature is ±5℃. The cinders are discharged from the other side of the coal burning machine to the slag discharging machine and then sent out by the automatic slag scraper.

Industrial coal-fired hot air furnace

Hot air furnace features and advantages

1. Low heating cost. Using bituminous coal as fuel, the thermal efficiency is more than 93%. The coal consumption of 1 ton of base powder is about 70-90kg, which can save 15-20% of energy compared with CWS furnaces.

2. The hot air with 'IN' does not emit black smoke, and the dust content is less than 120mg/Newton m 3. The hot air tube is easy to clean and does not coking. All the hot air goes into the spray tower and there is no secondary pollution during the production process.

3. The temperature of hot air can be adjusted from 200 ℃ to 800 ℃, and the fluctuation range is ±10℃.

4, the equipment is durable, easy to maintain, low operating cost, high safety, no explosion risk.

5. It can be designed according to your requirements.

During the construction

Equipment manufacturing and installation 60 days, furnace preheating 15 days, technical modification 2-3 days.

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