Gasoline and diesel burning hot air furnace of manufacturer

1. Provide hot air for drying, heating, melting and reaction;

2. High thermal efficiency, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Widely used in chemical industry, building materials, ceramics, metallurgy, feed, fertilizer and other industries,

4. It has no effect on the whiteness and purity of the product.

5. The temperature of hot air can be adjusted easily.

6. Easy to operate and maintain.

Hot air furnace application:

1. Widely used in food, medicine, various agricultural and sideline products and

2. Dry heat source of various materials, printing and dyeing, coating, and can also be used for heating high-rise buildings

3. Dehumidification of plastic greenhouses and underground mines, and drying of underground projects.

Especially suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramic production, feed, feed and other industries.

Hot air furnace product features:

1. Fuel: natural gas or oil, coal or biomass

2. As clean as air, no pollution

3. Low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency

4. Automatically test temperature and display

5. Application: used for drying, spraying, dehydration and heating of chemical industry, food, medicine, tobacco, ceramics, building materials, etc.

Factories, auditoriums, agricultural tents, animal houses.

Gasoline and diesel burning hot air furnace of manufacturer



Rated heat supply(104kcal/h)2030406080100120160200250400
Using temperature(℃)150~500
Work mediumAir
Design fuelBituminous coals,light diesel,liquefied natural gas
Thermal efficiency(%)85
Coal consumption(kg/h)32456598120150180256360420180

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