Gas Fired Hot Air Furnace

Gas-Fired Hot-Air Furnace Introduction

BQL series gas hot blast stove uses inflammable gas as fuel and produces high temperature gas through combustion of burner. The heat of the high temperature gas is transferred to the heated air through the heat exchange in the hot blast furnace. The air to be heated is fed through the blower. Absorb heat until the heat rises to the rated temperature, and then send it out through the hot air outlet for drying and heating. When the temperature of hot air reaches the set temperature, the burner will automatically stop burning or reduce the flame to reduce the air temperature. When the temperature of the hot air drops to the lower limit of the set temperature, the burner will burn again or increase the flame to increase the air temperature. The heating rate can be adjusted by air valve.

The gas hot blast stove strengthens the traditional method, adopts heat-resistant steel and heat-resistant stainless steel, with compact structure, small volume and long service life. They use indirect methods to make smoke and air spread in different ways, and the heat is not polluted. They are equipped with highly efficient, automatic, reliable, accurate temperature control and high thermal efficiency burners. The temperature in the hot blast stove is very high. The maximum output temperature of indirect hot blast stove can reach 600 ° C, and the maximum output temperature of direct hot blast stove can reach 1000 ° C; they use plug-in round hot blast fan, which is integrated with the heat exchanger of hot blast stove to reduce investment, save space, reduce noise and heat dissipation. And it's easy to maintain them.

Gas-Fired Hot-Air Furnace Structure diagram

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Equipment features

1. Simple operation and low labor intensity.

2. The equipment has compact structure and small floor area.

3. Sufficient combustion. And there is no environmental pollution.

4. Strong reliability and accurate temperature control. And easy to maintain.

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Gas-Fired Hot-Air Furnace application

Gas hot blast stove can be used for heating and baking in coating industry, such as metal printing coating drying room, tunnel or hanging drying room, heat setting and hot air stretcher in textile industry, drying industry in food industry, spray and belt drying of chemical materials, drugs, animal and vegetable oils, drying of hot pressing process and wood and building materials, drying and heat insulation in paper industry Drying and forming of materials, heating for industrial and mining enterprises, etc

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