Custom Hot Air Spray Type Furnace

Material: sus 430 stainless steel plate inside the heating cover is made of SS41 steel plate powder coating

Inch method material input 900mm heating 6000mm material output 700mm cooling 1400mm total length 9000 mm

Ground level (H) 950mm + 50mm external dimensions w1000 x l9000 x h1500 mm (approx.)

Electric heater is a special stainless steel electric black heater made in Sweden. The internal dimension of heating part is W600 × h240mm

Inlet and outlet of exhaust hood of heating system with adjustable damper

Fixed mode: a complete set of fixed fans with adjustable slope of exhaust cooling section

Custom Hot Air Spray Type Furnace.jpg

Hot air circulation system circulation

Madar motor 1HP 3-wire 50Hz 380V

The inner layer of the heating section of the multi wing wind turbine 10.5 group 6 thermal insulation breaking system adopts advanced imported ceramic fiber cotton for thermal insulation breaking

Drive system drive motor system Wanxin decelerator drive network sus stainless steel mesh drive w600x l18240mm

Drive mode motor reducer chain wheel drive network speed regulation mode delta frequency conversion speed regulation (stepless speed regulation)

Conveying speed is usually 50mm \ min, with VR governor and LED display

Discharge six inches of forced cooling air in the cooling system, discharge three groups, forced cooling

The exhaust system adopts the air intake mode of 4 "adjustable damper (each section), combined forced exhaust pipe, and the exhaust volume is controlled by the frequency converter.

Exhaust: hot air circulation, 4 "adjustable damper forced exhaust (external exhaust pipe). (each)

Temperature control system temperature range is room temperature + 10 ° C to maximum 200 ° C uniformity ± 3 ° C

Temperature process 125 ° C / 20-30min / 125 ° C / 10-15min

The temperature controller adopts ys900 automatic temperature controller, PID automatic calculation, membrane button, LED digital display, overheating, warning light on and SCR action three independent controls

Function 1. The terminal is equipped with a set of sensors for feeding alarm and complete material detection

Safety 3P 150A leakage circuit breaker transmission motor overload protection switch

Control system fuse 3A high speed fuse (for electric heating)

Main power supply: ammeter; over temperature indicator; power indicator

Accessories: electric switch; governor of transmission switch; tachometer

Other accessories: adjustable screw; rubber power cord; cast iron wheel

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