Coal Burning Hot Air Furnace

Coal-Burning Hot-Air Furnace  Introduction 

BRF series hot blast furnace is a new type of high-efficiency coal-fired hot blast furnace, which is mainly used in large and medium-sized heat sources, especially for spray drying, granulation drying, pneumatic drying, fluidization drying, tower drying, tunnel drying, drum drying, etc. They are the main equipment for coal mines, greenhouse heating and livestock raising. They are mainly used in chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, medicine, food processing, agricultural production and other industries.

The hot blast stove outputs clean hot air with constant temperature heated by heat exchanger, and the hot air does not pollute the products to be dried. According to the different requirements of the products to be dried, the hot air temperature can be adjusted between 0 ° C and 550 ° C.

The hot blast furnace is composed of a combustion furnace and a heat exchanger, and uses a separated structure. It can effectively control the temperature of the heat smoke entering the heat exchanger, prolong the service life of the heat exchanger, and make the operation of the hot blast furnace efficient, environmental friendly, safe and reliable.

When the hot blast furnace is running, the coal seam is completely burned in the combustion furnace and hot smoke is produced. The heat smoke enters the heat exchanger and exchanges heat with the heat exchanger. The tail gas is discharged from the chimney through the dust remover and the induced draft fan.

The clean air required for dry heat is sent to the heat exchanger through the blower of the heat exchanger, and then to the high-temperature injection pipe through the low-temperature insertion pipe to complete the heat exchange process, and finally through the hot air output through the outlet of the heat exchanger.

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Coal-Burning Hot-Air Furnace Equipment features

1. Adopt separation structure. Flexible configuration, stable performance, convenient maintenance and long service life.

2. The air outlet temperature is high (adjustable at 0-550 ℃), and the hot air temperature is stable at ± 5 ℃. It has a wide range of application.

3. The fuel has wide application range, full combustion, high thermal efficiency and low operation cost.

4. The dust concentration in the flue gas is low and the harmful elements are few, which conforms to the national environmental protection standard and has no secondary pollution.

5. Simple operation, convenient temperature regulation, high mechanization, safe and reliable.

Schematic Diagram of the Structure

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Coal-Burning Hot-Air Furnace application

BRF series hot blast stove has a wide range of applications. They are suitable for heating, forming, dehydration and drying procedures in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials and paper industries.

Chemical industry: silica, kaolin, potassium fluoride, graphite, chrome tanning, sodium silicate, calcium chloride, indigo, cadmium red, inorganic pigment, vanadium pentoxide, alumina, cryolite, etc.

Food industry: grain dehydration and drying, seeds, food baking, fish meal, yolk and egg white powder, biological feed, plasma and blood cells, yeast extract, etc.

Building materials industry: insulation board, particleboard, gypsum board, hot air heat source, ceramic powder, ceramics, etc.

Other industries: chemical fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, potash fertilizer, medical waste treatment, black liquor, mud drying, etc.

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