High Frequency Electronic Vibration Shaker Test Equipment Machine


Second hand vibration testing equipment, vibration testing equipment, electromagnetic vibration testing machine prices are widely used in national defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobiles, home appliances and other industries. This kind of equipment is used to detect the early failure, simulate the actual situation evaluation and structure strength test, and has a wide range of application, the applicable extensive test results are obviously reliable.

Description and Application

High frequency electromagnetic vibration testing machine (electromagnetic vibration testing equipment) is used for education, research and laboratory environment. The advanced modern and special technology of X, y, Z three-axis sinusoidal vibration test and wide-band random vibration test can be completed by adopting double magnetic circuit structure, self generated skeleton action circle, airborne support and roller bearing, linear guide rail and trunnion isolation, which need to pass the classical (half sinusoidal wave, trapezoid, sawtooth wave) pulse and shock response spectrum test. These products are widely used in national defense, weapons, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, communications, home appliances and other fields.


Mechanical and vibration laboratory test equipment functions:

1. The well-designed dynamic circular frame has higher axial resonance frequency.

2. Double magnetic circuit, low leakage flux, compact and reasonable structure.

3. Rocker roller bearing is straight and import oriented, composite rigidity oriented and eccentric bearing capacity.

4. ear trunnion isolation foundation is specially used for hormone use, and it is easy to install and move.

5. Advanced technology moves around the system to ensure high reliability of the dynamic circle.

6. New air duct design to enhance the heat dissipation effect.

7. The ball bearing with small static and dynamic stiffness improves the bearing capacity and low-frequency performance of the vibration table.

Composition of high frequency electromagnetic vibration testing machine

Vibration test stand, power amplification, cooling fan, slide, vertical expander

Horizontal support features:

1. Achieve higher acceleration and working frequency in the small workbench, and improve the loading capacity and performance of the whole workbench.

2. The horizontal worktable and vibration table are integrated, with perfect structure and convenient installation and commissioning.

3. V-type static pressure track, with the ability of anti tilt and anti bias load.

4. Built in oil pump, good structure and convenient operation.

Vertical expansion bench function:

Vt vertical extension worktable and specified fixture, after accurate calculation and careful design, can ensure customers to get the best performance according to the ideal situation






Transmission Structure

 Electromagnetic Shaker


 Electrodynamic Vibration


3 Axis

Frequency range




Sweep rate

1 octave/min

Number of axes



90 min 2 cycles per axis

Supporting Device

 Coil Spring



Rated Sine Force (N)

 1000 to 3500000

Frequency Range (Hz)

 3 to 3500

Rated Velocity(M/S)

 1.2 to 1.8


 High Frequency Vibrating Screen


 Experiments Shaker


 Electronic Parts

Running Track

 Circular Vibrating Screen



Rated Random Force (N)

 1000 to 3500000

Rated Acceleration(M/S2)

 400 to 1000

Rated Displacement (P-P, mm)

 25 to 91


 AC380V ,3 pH 3 Lines


 1 Year



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