High frequency quenching plane inductor

The production of inductor/induction coil is very important in quenching the planar workpiece. The induction coil should pay attention to the following contents during the plane moving quenching:

High frequency quenching plane inductor

1. For example, when the machine guide is quenched on several sides and the mold end is quenched, the induction coil is generally made of copper pipe around once, with magnetic guide body sandwiching on one side or both sides. The magnetic guide body is opened towards the workpiece's quenching surface, and holes are made along the edge of the magnetic guide body.

2. Use 8×7 or 8×9 magnetite, also can use a thicker copper tube, of course, the magnetite should also be changed accordingly. The size of 8×7 of the magnetic body means that the opening is 8mm and the leg length is 7mm. Several copper tubes are used as induction rings, and the opening of the magnetic body is several. Because the copper tube is too small to fit in, it will affect the magnetic effect too much, and it is easy to become loose and difficult to stick, and generally the adhesive magnetic body is glued with AB.

In the high frequency induction heating quenching, according to different shape of the workpiece, produce different types of induction coil, appear very heavy in the details in the process of production, we will, from different angles to analysis in the production of induction coil, induction hardening of points, if there is doubt of quenching inductor/induction heating coil production, can contact with us.

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