Custom induction coil for high frequency induction heating equipment

Custom high frequency induction heating equipment with induction coil, with water spray sensor

Design and produce medium frequency induction coil, high frequency induction coil, plane induction coil, shaft heating coil, square coil, inner hole heating induction coil, special induction coil and so on according to customer requirements or incoming sample requirements;

Custom induction coil for high frequency induction heating equipment

The principle of induction heating equipment puts the metal workpiece in the inductor. When the alternating current passes through the inductor, an alternating magnetic field with the same current frequency will be generated around the inductor, and the induced electromotive force will be generated correspondingly in the metal workpiece, and the induced current, namely eddy current, will be formed on the surface of the workpiece. This eddy current under the action of the workpiece resistance, electrical energy into heat energy, the workpiece surface temperature rise process.

We focus on induction heating equipment dedicated to quenching automation

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Focusing on r&d, design, manufacturing and technical services of high-frequency induction heating equipment, we provide customers with high-frequency induction heating equipment and overall solutions based on technology. Committed to making more industries use automatic induction heating equipment. We have 17 years of industry experience, The Trademark of Europower has been registered, the products have obtained a number of patents.

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Main products include high frequency induction heating power supply (30-300 kw solid-state high-frequency induction heating power supply, the vacuum tube type high frequency power supply, IGBT super audio power supply), etc, all kinds of quenching machine tool (automatic special quenching machine, vertical, horizontal automatic quenching machine tool and numerical control quenching machine tool gear type disc, all kinds of induction heating quenching machine tool feed mechanism), etc.

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High frequency induction heating equipment is widely used in induction hardening, tempering, forging, melting, welding, thermal matching and other heat treatment fields of metal parts in machinery manufacturing, automobile, ship, melting casting, iron and steel metallurgy and other industries.

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Adhering to the principle of high technology, high standard and high quality, we keep improving our products with good quality guarantee.

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