Vacuum hot mounting heat press machine

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Vacuum hot mounting heat press machine


Description :


The digital control system can control the temperature and time accurately. By pressing one button, the machine can operate automatically without any worry. The final products can be finished in a few minutes.

Sealed multi-angle infrared heating design that helps heat the products evenly.

Using silicon chips for the underside of the machine. Compared with rubber, silicon is much more durable and it is rust-proof and scratch-proof.

Keyboard Operate that helps to operate easily and accurately.

High seal ability that can avoid the possibility of breaking the rubber sheet and air leakage

Well-designed. The heating plate and the sealed silicone sheet are separated.

Unique lock that helps to adjust the tightness.


Application :


For heat pressing the picture, photo, oil painting, landscape painting, commercial photo, wedding photo, etc.


Parameter :

Heating size: 1510*1100mm

Heating thickness: 0.1~30mm

Heating time: 1~15mins (time could be adjustable)

Temperature range: 50°C~120°C

Vacuum pressure: 0.07~0.9mpa



Net Weight:120kg

Machine size:1180*1620*150mm

Package size:1740*1410*220mm







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