Induction heat treatment machine / induction heating machine


Induction heat treatment machine / induction heating machine



Description :

Induction heating machines are wildly used in heat treatment, bonding, brazing, welding, forging, melting and


heat fitting solutions in many fields like medical device, auto parts, metalwork, Machinery&equipment Industry, electronics


and electrical industry, Metal industry and Packaging industry, Cable&wire, Foundry&metal .Tube&pipe, ect. The main



Applications :


A: parts surface heating treatment, parts surface hardening, tempering, annealing, etc.


B: metal brazing, high-frequency brazing, pan bottom brazing, tool head brazing, copper brazing, lead-free soldering,


vacuum fusion, etc.


C: forging, shaping, warm bending, high frequency shrinkage fitting, heat enveloping, heat sealing, metal desiccating,


nut inserting, rotor inserting,etc.


D: precious metals melting.


E. dry resin, resin coating, warm resin forming,shrinkage fitting & Extraction ect.



Parameter :


Max input power Frequency :45kw

Max input current : 68A

Output current : 15~95A

Duty cycle : 100%

Timer : heating time/retaining time :0.1~99.9seconds

Max water temperature : <40

Generator weigh : 47kg

Generator size 650x270x450


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