Heat Press Hot Foil Stamping Machine

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Heat Press Hot Foil Stamping Machine



Description :


At a certain temperature and pressure, The aluminum foil transfer to the product surface, different patterns and words with different Zinc or Copper corrosion version.




Hot foil stamping machine belongs to printing and packaging equipment.

They are used for hot stamping all kinds of colored aluminum foil and embossing or die cutting different kinds of pictures, clothing ticketing, greeting cards, trade mark, books cover, note book, packaging cartons, paper boxes, paper bags, Cork pad, folders, and other high grade decoration and printing materials, etc. The suitable product materials are including paper, cardboard, plastic (PVC,PP,PE), leather, wood and cork, etc.,So that they are necessary equipment for printing factory, packaging Enterprise and Office stationery manufacturer.




Max. area available : 930×670mm

Max. Stamping area :920×665mm

Skip range:1-665mm

Foil-delivered group:3groups

Working speed:22±2times/min

Working pressure:170T

Electric power:12kw

Gross weight:3700kg

Dimension(L*W*H)mm : 1800×1900×2150


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