Gear and Shaft Hardening Induction Heating Machine

Induction hardening / quenching machine introduction:

1) lsw-120 induction quenching machine takes IGBT series parallel induction heating technology as the core.

2) heat the metal workpiece to a certain temperature, and then rapidly cool it to change its mechanical structure, so as to achieve some special mechanical properties.

3) the principle is magnetic induction heating.

4) selection of oscillation frequency: the deeper the quenching layer is, the lower the frequency is required.

5) power selection: when the quenching area is large and the quenching layer is thin, high power quenching equipment is required.

Features of induction hardening / quenching machine:

1) adopt Siemens IGBT technology of all solid state power conversion module.

2) it has all-round protection functions, such as over-current, water shortage, overheating, over-voltage, short circuit, insufficient protection, etc., which greatly improves the reliability of the equipment and facilitates the maintenance of the equipment.

3) no commissioning is required. It can be used after being connected by water and electricity.

4) easy to install. Non professionals can easily complete the installation.

5) easy to operate. It is suitable for factories, families, research institutes and laboratories.

6) 100% duty cycle, continuous operation at maximum power.

7) low power consumption and high automation.


Technical parameters of induction hardening machine:

 Main parameters of LSW-120 induction hardening machine



Input voltage 

3 phase 380V, 50/60HZ or customized

Max input current 


Max input power 


Oscillation frequency


Duty cycle


Cooling water flow

≥ 0.2Mpa, ≥45L/min

Cooling water pressure

≥ 0.15-0.2MPa








Scope of application:

Its main purpose is to change the rigidity of metal material by heat treatment of workpiece. The detailed application description is as follows:

1. Quench all kinds of hardware and tools, such as pliers, spanners, hammers, axes, tightening tools and shears (orchard shears).

2. Quench crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, sprocket, aluminum wheel, valve, rocker shaft, semi drive shaft, small shaft, front fork and other auto parts.

3. Various electric tools, such as gears and shafts.

4. Quenching machine tools, such as lathe plates and guide rails.

5. Quench all kinds of hardware and mechanical parts, such as shafts, gears (sprockets), cams, chucks and clamps.

6. Quench the small mold, mold accessories, mold inner hole and other hardware mold.

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