vertical top loading induction heating furnace

CX-GFL- It is a vertical top loading induction heating furnace with circular hot zone shape. The model is an ideal choice for various research applications and new material development. The operation of the furnace is simple, the maintenance process is simple, and the time and budget of the research project are saved. The maximum working temperature of this model is 3000 ℃, which can be used in many research applications.

One power cabinet can control two furnace bodies. In the carbonization process, the continuous working temperature of one furnace is 1600 ℃, while in the graphitization process, the continuous working temperature of the other furnace is 3000 ℃.

vertical top loading induction heating furnace.jpg

Main applications:

Carbonization and graphitization of carbon materials, such as synthetic graphite film (polyimide graphite sheet and abbreviated PI film), carbon fiber, C / C composite, graphene, lithium battery cathode material, VGCF cathode material, etc. Purification of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), natural graphite, etc. Sintering of high-temperature ceramics, other materials that can be sintered or heated in the graphite hot zone (carbon containing environment).

technical parameter:




Vertical, Top Loading

Max Working Temperature


Continuous Working Temperature

≥ 2850℃

Usable Space (mm) Dia. * H

Φ350 * 500

Heating Power

≤160 KW


2000 Hz ( auto-track)

Ultimate Vacuum (CEDRT)*

1.2 * 10-3 mbar

Optional High Vacuum (CEDRT)*

5 * 10-5 mbar

Working Atmosphere

High Vacuum (Optional) / Vacuum/ Inert Gas (Ar or N2)

Supply Power

3 N/PE, AC/380V, 50/60Hz

Cooling Water Pressure

1.5 - 2.5 bar

Cooling Water Temperature


Overall Dimension (L*W*H, mm)

1600*1400*1800 mm

Weight (KG)


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