Vacuum heating equipment plasma nitriding furnace


Product Description

Glow ionic nitriding furnace includes ionic triding and lon-carbonitriding .glow ionic nitriding furnace can significantly enhances the surface hardness of steel parts,resistance to damage,fatigue and corrosion;because it has the advantages for energy saving, save gas, high efficiency, good quality, no pollution, etc.

Product Application

 It has been applied widely in power, machine tools, petrochemical machinery, textile machinery, mold and other industries.

Main technical parameter

Maximum average output current: 50A

Maximum peak output current: 100A

Max nitride area: 100000cm2

Max loading weight: 500kgs

Output supply: 50KW

Output status: Rectangular web

Frequency: 1000HZ

The arc velocity: ≤20 Microsecond

Control method: Fixed frequency width

Occupy space rate: 0-85% continue adjustable

Working chamber: Ø700*1000

Max Working temperature: 650℃

Common working temp: 500±50℃

Ultimate vacuum: ≤6.7x10-3mbar/30Min

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