Reheating Furnace for Steel Rolling Mill Line

Reheating furnace of rolling mill production line is a kind of device (industrial furnace) that heats material or workpiece (usually metal) to forging temperature in metallurgical industry.

Structure and composition

According to the distribution of furnace temperature, the furnace is divided into preheating section, heating section and heating section along the length direction.

The lower temperature of the feed end is the preheating section, whose function is to use the heat of the furnace gas to improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace.

The heating part is the main heating part. The gas temperature in the furnace is high, which is convenient for rapid heating.

The soaking section is located at the discharge end, and the difference between the temperature of furnace gas and that of metal material is very small, so as to ensure that the temperature of furnace charge section is uniform.

Technical parameters:

Rectifier transformer:

Capacity: 4000kva

Model: zsf-4000-10 / 0.78

Primary voltage: 10 (± 5%) kV,

Secondary voltage: 780v

Cooling mode: ONAF

Short circuit impedance: 7-8%.


Medium frequency heater:

Mode: kgps-3600 / 0.25

Rated power: 3600kw input voltage: ~ 780v, frequency: 50Hz

Output voltage: ~ 1700V, frequency: 250Hz

Inner diameter of induction coil 250 × 250mm

Cooling water flow: 80m3 / h

Water inlet temperature: ≤ 38 ° C

Cooling water pressure: 0.150.25mpa


Input power: 3600kw

Input voltage: 1700V

Input frequency: 250Hz

Inductance inner diameter: 250 × 250mm, inner cavity: 200mm × 200mm

Cooling water flow: 120m3 / h

Water inlet temperature: ≤ 38 ° C

Water inlet pressure: 0.15-0.25mpa

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