Quenching Furnace Heat Treatment

The grinding ball production line can greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency and save energy during the setting process.

TGL system function:

1. The automatic operation mode of materials set according to the program can greatly improve the production efficiency, and energy saving will help to obtain the best cost performance. The automobile and high chromium hardening furnace can save up to 25-40%.

2. Obtain better quenching effect to ensure stable product quality; it is expected that the quenching quality of the ball can be guaranteed under the condition of rapidly removing (fogging) cooling and hardening oil in the wind.

3. It is conducive to production under production regulation.

4. It is beneficial to separate the size of the ball.

5. Reasonably arrange equipment maintenance and repair.

6. Heat resistant steel can reduce the cost of consumables.

7. The labor intensity of operators is greatly reduced.

8. Unique resistance wire (belt) distribution design, local wire opening furnace in the working process, adjustable speed, walking and production.


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