Medium Frequency 416 Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Furnace


Product Application
1.  German Siemens IGBT components and unique inverter technology.
2.  Adjustable for heating time, heating temperature, heating power and cooling time.
3. Light weight;small size and easy installment.
4. The heating efficiency can be  up to 90% above. Almost no electricity consumption in standby mode and 24 hours continuous work.
5.The inductors can be easily replaced;fast heating reduced the oxidation deformation of the work piece.

Medium frequency heating furnace can according to different material heating workpiece geometry and process requirement, Mainly used for gear, axle shaft connecting rod, bearings and other precision forging heating;Also used in bar, long bar temperature, blanking, on-line heating, etc.
Metal materials in the forging. extrusion, hot rolling, shear heating and the modulation of metallic materials as a whole, annealing, tempering heat treatment can be done by the medium frequency heating equipment
Main technical parameters


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