MF Stainless Steel Wire Heat Treatment Annealing Furnace


Product Description
Characteristics of MF induction heat treatment furnace:
1. High heating speed:  more than 10 times higher than gas furnace's heating speed;
2. Less metal loss: the heating time is short, burning a small, compared to other heating methods, significantly reducing the amount of metal loss;
3. Little room occupying: small furnaces, the volume can be reduced to the extent of only three to five loading ingots, extrusion machines to meet production needs;
4. Environmentally friendly: no environmental pollution, good quality metal billets heated;
5. Mechanization and automation: good working conditions, can reduce the amount of operators;
6. Well-controlled temperature: metal billet heating process, the spindle temperature control can be achieved;
7. Low failure rate: can be configured side by side two induction furnaces (exchange use), to avoid shutdown, improve production efficiency.
Main technical parameters

Technical parameter

Work voltage:   3-phase 380V

Maximum input current:   320A

Oscillation frequency:   50~60 KHz

Continuous load rate:   100%

Cooling water flow:   generator: 29L/min (0.1mpa) transformer 22L/min

Generator dimension:   1070*640*1870

Transformer dimension:   870*530*600

Color: support   customized

Temperature protection:   50 degree

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