Lab Equipment High Temperature Electric Heat Treatment Furnace


Product Description and Application
This easy-to-operate small melting furnace can be used indoors, and is designed with a high temperature ceramic chamber for long-lasting casting abilities!
These units are available in 1 Kg, 2 Kg and 3 Kg sizes, as well as 110 Volt US Standard or 220 Volt European/Asia Style power for all of your melting needs!
This unit is recommended for melting down precious metals such as gold and silver. Melting glass. Heat Treatment. Laboratory.
Includes an instructional manual, power cord, tongs, glasses, glove and grooved graphite crucible to match your furnace size.

1) The furnace is light weight (6.5kg), easy operation, and small size (170*200*360mm), you can take it easily by yourself.
2)The furnace can be hand poured from the easy grip handle or with crucible tongs supplied with the unit
3)The unit has a LED display with touch pad digital readout that allows precision control
4)Color of the base may vary between Blue, Gray and Red
5) Some of the Metals that can be melted with this Furnace;
Aluminum, Gold, Lead, Silver, Sterling Silver, Tin & Zinc
6) Temperature range is from 0 Degrees Fahrenheit to 2012 Degrees Fahrenheit (1100 Degrees Celsius) all Digitally controlled by you. It takes 15-30 Minutes to first warm up depending on the metal your melting and 10-15 minutes to fully melt your metal depending on the form of material. Shot or small parts melt faster than large bars or blocks.
Main technical parameters







Max Temperature:



1-4kg(for   gold)

1-2kg(for   copper)

1-500g(for   aluminum)

1-3kg(for   lead)

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