Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Furnace

Application: mainly suitable for the whole heating of metal materials before forging, extrusion, hot rolling and cutting, as well as the whole quenching, tempering, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment of metal materials.

Power features:

1. It adopts advanced electronic circuit control, with multiple protection functions such as over-voltage, over-current, voltage limit, current limit, phase loss, under voltage, underwater pressure, phase sequence automatic identification, cooling water temperature alarm protection, etc. Power factor automatic regulation function. From the cold charging of the whole process to the casting, no matter how to change the furnace conditions, the power of the furnace will be automatically maintained, so that the amount of molten metal per kilowatt is the largest, and the heating time of the same power is the shortest, thus increasing the profit of the manufacturer and improving the labor production rate.

2. The special integrated box for the control line is completely isolated from the high-pressure area to keep the control room clean and cool. The service life and system reliability of the control circuit board are greatly improved.

3. The high-power converter selected by international and domestic famous manufacturers operates at 50% of the rated capacity, and the design safety factor is 100%, which improves the reliability of the whole system.

4. The equipment adopts large-scale air-cooled copper. Compared with water-cooled copper, the heating energy is larger, the efficiency is higher, and no maintenance is required.

5. The power supply is started with zero voltage sweep frequency, no impact, and can be reliably dynamic, stable, reliable and trouble free for a long time under no-load, heavy load, cold steel and other conditions.

Heating function:

1. Rapid heating, uniform heating temperature, small oxidation loss and even metal composition.

2. It can be heated directly from the cold material, which is convenient for replacement.


Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization:

As the principle of medium frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, which is the heat generated by the workpiece itself, this heating method is rapid, oxidation is very small and heating efficiency is high, with good process repeatability.

Highly automated, no automation required:

The automatic feeding and discharging of the selected attachment device, together with the special control software developed by our company, can realize automatic operation.

Uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy:

The heating is even and the temperature difference between the core and the platform is small. The temperature can be precisely controlled by the temperature control system.

Simple induction furnace replacement:

According to the size of the workpiece, it needs to be equipped with different specifications of induction furnace. Each furnace is designed with water and electricity quick change joint, so the furnace replacement is convenient, fast and convenient.

Fully protected equipment:

The whole set of equipment has water temperature, water pressure, over-current, over-voltage, phase loss protection, as well as over temperature, lower limit alarm device. So as to provide reliable protection in case of equipment failure without damaging components.

Low energy consumption, no pollution:

Compared with other heating methods, the heating efficiency is high and the energy consumption is effectively reduced. The equipment meets the environmental protection requirements and is free of pollution. In the forging industry, the energy consumption when heating to 1250 ° C is less than 390 kwh / ton.


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