Industrial heating melting furnace

Copper smelting furnace is used for primary copper smelting process. Copper smelting furnace is made of steel plates such as furnace top, furnace body, furnace lining, furnace bottom and tuyere device.

Industrial heating melting furnace.jpg

The main raw materials of copper smelting furnace are self melting furnace burden (copper concentrate, sinter of lump ore, etc.) and coke. The furnace top temperature is 400-500 ℃. When the furnace top is closed, the furnace temperature is 1300-1400 ℃. The stove has a water jacket. Refractories are used for furnace body, furnace bottom and throat. The throat is the outlet of slag and crude copper. The refractory is made of high alumina brick, which has good slag resistance and corrosion resistance.

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