High vacuum and high temperature rapid quenching / vacuum heat treatment furnace


Product Description

Vacuum furnace uses Alumina fiber as the liner material, SiC or MoSi2 as heating elements. It is equipped with diffusion pump and molecular pump vacuum unit. Its max vacuum degree can reach up to 7X10-3 Pa. .The furnace chamber is alumina refractory fiber for excellent thermal insulation,vacuum reservoir with water cooling system. The furnace has the advantages of novel structure and convenient operation.

1) Small deformation for workpiece

2) Bright surface color without oxidation

3) high vacuum degree up to 7x10-3Pa or even higher

4) Less heat inertia

5) Easy operating

6) Quick cooling

7) Low vacuum situation 

8) Pure ceramic fiber

9) Outside the closed-end vacuum tank with water-cooling system

 10) Reasonable price

Product Application

Vacuum Sintering furnace is widely used for heat treatment of metal materials in high vacuum,recursive,protective atmosphere,also used for heat treatment of special materials,such as carbonation process of carbon products development. material heat treatment ,annealing ,quenching ,brazing .

Main technical parameter

Max temperature: 1400C

Working temperature: 1300C

Heating rate: 0~15C/min

Accuracy of temperature control: +/-1C

Heating elements: SiC rode

Furnace structure: Double water cooling system

Max. Vacuum level(supporting customized products) : 10-3 Pa

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