High Temperature Vacuum Sintering Furnace Used for Kiln Furniture


Product Description

1 Computer system is adopted for control, multiple process curves are preset, and process such as carburization, etc. is automatically fulfilled.

2 Perfect alarm system can protect the equipments effectively.

3 The max. heating temperature can reach 2000 with temperature uniformity up to ±5℃ and temperature control precision ±1℃.

4 Temperatures at low-temperature stage and high-temperature stage are controlled by different temperature control components with automatic switchover.

These series products are in the scope of R&D project, and strong task-focused plans can be made against the products of customers. Optional models include low-temperature sintering furnaces and high-temperature sintering furnaces.

Product Application

Vacuum sintering furnaces are used for sintering of metal powder products, photoelectric components, hard alloys, magnetic alloys, ceramics, powder materials and other rare and refractory metal materials, and meanwhile have certain dewaxing function.

Main parameters

Effective working space(mm): 400x400x600

Capacity(kg): 200

Max. temperature(℃): 1600/2200

Temperature uniformity(℃): 5

Ultimate vacuum(Pa): 4x10-3

Pressure rise rate(Pa/h): 0.5 

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