Fastener Coils Heat Treatment Furnace

Product description

Our company has been engaged in the field of furnace design and manufacturing for many years. After more than ten years of development and rich experience in design and practice, our furnaces have the following advantages:

1. Compact structure design, saving floor space

2. Perfect heating effect, high heat transfer

3. Good heat preservation and power saving

4. Excellent furnace temperature uniformity to ensure product quality

5. High structural strength and durability

Furnace specification:

The furnace is of cylindrical design, with elegant appearance. The furnace shell is of steel welding structure, and high-quality aluminum silicate fire-resistant needled blanket is used to form furnace lining, with double-sided insulation. This kind of blanket has been processed by die strong compression to ensure the heat preservation effect. There are heat insulation and heat preservation materials between furnace lining and furnace cover, which play the role of isolation. The heating element adopts 0cr25al5 flat resistance belt, which is hung on the lining wall and fixed by high aluminum fire-resistant bolts, with two heating blocks in total. The furnace bottom adopts high-strength light refractory brick and high aluminum brick casting structure. The furnace cover is of steel plate structure, which is inserted into the furnace lining. There is a hanging ring on the cover for easy operation. The furnace is of all fiber structure, which has the characteristics of small heat capacity, small heat loss, fast temperature rise and cooling, and good heat preservation performance. All these insulation structures make the temperature uniformity of the electric furnace reach ± 5 ° C. This furnace is popular for its excellent performance: high heat transfer and capacity, low power consumption, long service life and simple maintenance.

Furnace composition

Furnace body:

The furnace shell is welded with 6mm steel plate, strengthening the structure of steel structure. Special shaped steel brick is used at the bottom of the furnace, which is precisely matched with the furnace shell to extend the service life. The surface of the shell shall be polished and derusted, and the primer and finish shall be printed.


The pot body is made of 321 stainless steel with a thickness of 8mm and is corrugated. The bottom adopts elliptical head with thickness of 12mm, no oxidation corrosion and heat resistance of 1100 ° C.

Control cabinet:

1) SCR control

2) smart meter display

3) operation parameter setting

4) over temperature alarm device.


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